Igepa Pako specializes in the distribution of materials and equipment for the advertising and printing industry. The company provides its services in Slovenia, Croatia and northern Italy through two separate companies with a single logistics center. Our goal is to maintain a wide and varied selection of high-quality equipment at competitive prices. We are the leading distributor of renowned brands such as Roland DG, Gandy Digital, Summa, VHF, Flexa, Biedermann and others. We have long been known among our customers as a company that sets the standard by swiftly introducing new developments and know-how. We are renowned for our flexibility and expertise, as we have been working closely with both the industry and the suppliers for 30 years.

We launched the online store in the summer of 2020 with the aim of offering our customers a modern, user-friendly, 24/7 self-service ordering service. We deliver the orders through contract delivery services or with our own fleet of delivery vehicles, which makes us reliable, fast and flexible. In our efforts to be as competitive as possible, we strive to fulfill individual needs and offer services tailored to the individual customer. For any additional queries regarding our business, products offered, services and custom offers, please contact us at support@pakosignparts.com or call us at + 386 7 49 94 200.



Igepa Pako d.o.o.
Slovenska vas 4c, SI-8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem

Reception office: +386 (0)7/4994 - 200 or 080 PAKO (7256)
Sales: +386 (0)7/4994 - 202, +386 (0)7/4994 - 210, +386 (0)7/4994 - 212
Warehouse: +386 (0)7/4994 - 213
Accounting: +386 (0)7/4994 - 203
E-mail: support@pakosignparts.com

Maribor branch

Vodovodna ulica 38, 2000 Maribor

Phone: +386 (0)2 333 81 90

E-mail: urgenca-mb@pako.si

Pako Zagreb d.o.o.

Josipa Lončara 5, 10090 Zagreb

Phone: 0800 PAKO (7256), +385 (0)1 6 555 350

E-mail: info@pako.hr

Rijeka branch

Kukuljanovo 334, HR - 51227 Kukuljanovo

Phone: +385 (0)51 512 869

E-mail: vfrancetic@igepa-pako.hr


Split branch

Hektorovićeva 38, HR - 21210 Solin

Phone: +385 (0)21 26 01 26

E-mail: split@igepa.hr