Company VEIKA – the inventor of Dimense™ technology – successfully continues its activity since establishment in 1991. Its mission is to create breakthrough technologies for wallcoverings industry, as well as to implement them in other fields.


DIMENSE technology does exactly what its name implies – it “dimenses“ digital printing. This pioneering technology makes it possible to print unique embossing at the same time as the item is digitally printed at virtually any size and without repeating the embossing pattern. So structure and motif can be perfectly matched to each other, or the structure may be completely different than the picture itself – it all depends on the designer’s creativity.  In order to achieve this result, Veika offers a complete solution: the Dimensor S printer, media and water based latex inks.

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Latex barve

Dimense DMI

Latex barva na vodni osnovi. 1000 ml.
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